Sencito mobile application

Keep track of what's happening in the municipality or at home. The mobile application simply connects you to the Internet of Things devices. From anywhere, with a few clicks and for free forever.

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Sencito mobile application

What you get with the application

Data from all sensors

sorted into graphs for a quick and detailed overview

Mobile application for iOS and Android

as a storage of data from sensors and a communication tool in the municipality

Administration system

Sencito web portal for publishing news for citizens


You will master the application at once


download the application to your iOS and Android smartphone. (graphically iOS and Android icon).


connect to the network in the application, activate the sensors and everything around them, for example how often you want to receive notifications.


and you can clearly see all the measured values that you can share with family and friends.


you will find that something is happening in the municipality. A beep will sound from the municipal Info Channel.

Application for download

Google play Appstore

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