What is Sencito

The Internet of Things can bring great benefits to even small communities. We've found a way to make it available to you. Simply, efficiently, with a small budget.


Mobile application

How the Internet of Things works

The Internet of Things connects various devices with the Internet. Even from a distance, it allows you to have a perfect overview of everything that interests you - from air pollution around the factory to the filling of containers for sorted waste to the amount of CO2 in schools. The Internet of Things is a great help for municipalities and citizens, which you will appreciate not only in moments of unpredictability but also in strategic decision-making or process automation.

IoT Sencito network scheme

What does our solution include?

LoRa network

for secure data transfer between sensors and applications

Mobile application for iOS a Android

as a storage of data from sensors and a communication tool in the village

Administration system

Web portal Smarter municipalities for publishing news to citizens

Top sensors

own production with battery life up to 5 years and for a fraction of the price

Smart dashboard

for easy sharing of selected data on the municipal website


You can do it too

Every municipality can manage the Internet of Things without much effort and knowledge of modern technologies.

Find out the step-by-step procedure.


Why a smart municipal network from us


We offer solutions for all municipalities from 100 to 5000 inhabitants.


For the simplest possible introduction of the Internet of Things in the municipality, we provide services as one unit.


We will put stand by the reliability and quality of our sensors and systems. 



own manufacturers
custom developers
own network
own cloud (storage)