Air quality CO2 / VOC

Drowsiness, headache, loss of attention - these can also be signs of poor indoor air quality. Make sure you breathe healthy air. Smart sensors keep the level of CO2 and other parameters in the norm and warn you that you should ventilate.


IoT Air quality CO2 / VOC

Where to use smart sensors

Air quality in buildings
CO2 concentrations in schools
CO2 concentrations in offices and in the private sector
Prevention Covid-19


Benefits for municipalities and citizens

Healthier air in schools, offices and homes

Early warning of exceeded limits by a flashing red diode

Measurement of air parameters from CO2 through pressure to VOC (air quality)

Prevention of interior mould

Reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection due to more frequent ventilation


How it works in practice

  1. In school classrooms install smart sensors that measure a variety of air parameters.
  2. All data is accessible at any time in the Sencito mobile application.
  3. When the set limits, such as CO2, are exceeded, the indicator light on the sensor will illuminate red.
  4. Thanks to smart sensors, teachers immediately know when and for how long they should ventilate the classroom.