Level measurement in tanks (retention, etc.)

Do you have an overview of the amount of rainwater in your retention tank? A smart sensor will measure it for you. You get a 100% overview wherever you are. Conveniently, with a few clicks on your mobile.


IoT Level measurement in tanks (retention, etc.)

Where to use the sensors

Rainwater retention tanks

municipal wastewater treatment plants

tanks, reservoirs for water or other liquids


Benefits for municipalities and citizens

Overview of the level in closed tanks and sumps in hard-to-reach places

Warning of lack or excess of water or other liquids


Jak to funguje v praxi

  1. Put a smart sensor on the tank.
  2. In the Sencito mobile application you will see how much water is in the tank.
  3. You can access the data anytime and from anywhere. 
  4. Even from a distance, you can better plan, for example, watering your garden in the cottage.