Measuring water, electricity, gas consumption

Save on energy. With smart sensors, you always have an overview of how much water, electricity and gas you use at home. You can now control consumption conveniently at any time from your mobile phone.


IoT Measuring water, electricity, gas consumption

Where to use the sensors

Electricity consumption in your home or subtenants
Water consumption and leak monitoring
Gas consumption and leak detection
Custom billing control


Benefits for municipalities and citizens

Lower energy costs

Correct measurement in one's own house, apartment or sublease

An overview of the consumption status anytime and from anywhere

Early warning of leaks, accidents or equipment failures


How it works in practice

  1. Contact us and together we will make sure that the sensor will be compatible with your electricity, gas or water meter.
  2. We recommend professional installation of counters. 
  3. The Sencito mobile application will show you the current consumption at any time.
  4. Long-term statistics are available for better consumption planning.
  5. When the limits are exceeded, your mobile will notify you - push notifications, e-mail or SMS beeps. You know right away that something is wrong and you can intervene in time.