Monitoring the water level of rivers

Have a perfect overview of the level of watercourses in your municipality - at any time, even without field trips. Smart sensors will keep you in the picture and help you better manage the flood situation.


IoT Monitoring the water level of rivers

Where to use the sensors

Bridge over a river
Floods in the municipality


Benefits for municipalities and citizens

Less damage caused by floods

Long-term monitoring of watercourse levels

Lightning intervention by rescue services


How it works in practice

  1. Place smart sensors under the bridges in your municipality.
  2. In heavy torrential rain the sensors measure the current level of watercourses.
  3. The Sencito application immediately reports that the limits have been exceeded - directly to your smartphone.
  4. You can share the measured values online with others in the municipality - for example with firefighters, who can intervene immediately.
  5. For better information for citizens, the data can be published on the web as a municipal dashboard.