Remote water meter readings

Replace costly walking water meter readings with a more efficient method. Install smart sensors in homes and measure your citizens' water consumption remotely, online and with 100% accuracy.


IoT Remote water meter readings

Examples of use

Municipal water supply
Detecting leaks and accidents
Replacing the patrol system
Accurate billing


Benefits for municipalities and citizens

Reducing the cost of household meter readings

Accurate data every minute, not just once a year

Acquisition of data even without human cooperation, at one time from all households

Early detection of water leaks, accidents and fraud


Jak to funguje v praxi

  1. First, we make sure that the sensors are compatible with the water meters in your municipality. 
  2. We recommend or can provide professional installation of smart sensors.
  3. The sensors will measure water consumption at all times.
  4. All the data is accessible in the Sencito mobile application and in the Sencito web portal for further processing.
  5. If the limits are exceeded, for example due to an accident, you will receive a notification as a push notification or SMS.