Weather station warning

Do you want to know the exact weather information for your municipality? Use the network for the Internet of Things and connect a smart weather station to it. It makes it easier than ever to measure temperature, pressure or precipitation.


IoT Weather station warning

What smart sensors measure



Benefits for municipalities and citizens

An overview of current weather and long-term statistics

Monitoring weather conditions for farmers

Scalability of sensors for measuring various parameters from temperature to dust


How it works in practice

  1. Install a smart sensor in the municipality that will measure the current weather conditions.
  2. All data is accessible in the Sencito mobile application.
  3. When the set limits, temperature or, for example, dust are exceeded, you will receive a notification as a push notification or SMS.
  4. You can easily inform your citizens about tropical temperatures or smog situations - using the info channel or by sharing data on the public dashboard.