Mobile application

How do I download the Sencito mobile app?

You can download the application using the QR code, which you can find here or you can search for the application in Google-play or Apple-store under the name Sencito and install it.

How do I register?

Through the application or the web portal by entering your email and password, then the registration must be confirmed by email.

Can I use the app even if I don't have a sensor?

Yes. It can be used for public sensors or the Info channel. Instructions on how to join the Info channel subscription can be found here

How can I add my own sensor?

You can find the procedure on this Instructions page

How can I add a public sensor?

To add a public sensor, you need its QR code, which you can find on the pages of the Sencito municipality dashboard in the public sensors tab.

Can I share my sensor?

Yes, you can share your sensor with your loved ones, for example when you are on holiday.

What do the invitations in the app mean?

This means that someone shared your public sensor, and if you confirm the request, you will see the shared sensor.

How many main and secondary info channels can I have?

There can be only one main information channel of the municipality, secondary information channels are not limited in number.

Will I receive an SMS when I enter my phone number in the app?

Yes, you will receive an informative text message from the main information channel of the municipality.


Where is the procedure for installing sensors?

The installation procedure for each sensor is given in the installation manual.

Who installs the sensors?

You can connect most of the sensors yourself. We have created a detailed step-by-step guide for you. Even without IT knowledge. We recommend that the counters are installed by a specialist. Sensors for remote energy readings are also an exception - they are always connected by our technicians.

How long do the batteries last in the sensors?

The battery in the sensors can last up to 5 years. But it depends on the amount of data sent. The first batteries are part of the sensor package; others can be purchased in our e-shop.

What if the sensor has a Not Responding status?

Please try restarting the device either with the reset button (according to the package leaflet), or disconnect the sensor and connect it to the power supply if the sensor does not use a battery.

Can the sensor be connected to another network for the Internet of Things?

Never. Our sensors leave preconfigured for installing in our network.

What if the municipal vehicle motion monitoring (GPS) sensor is off - status outside GPS?

The GPS unit will not return a valid position, has not targeted the satellites, but communicates outside the GPS signal.


What is the dashboard?

The dashboard displays data from municipal sensors, bus departures, news, official notice board, previews of camera systems.

Where can I find the address of the dashboard?

Usually on the municipal website.

Sencito municipal network

What do we need to do to get the Internet of Things network up and running in our municipality?

Just set aside 2 hours for our technicians to set up your IoT network. In practice we place a modem-sized transmitter on a municipal building, which has a range of about 2 km in urban areas and up to about 10 km in open space.

Is the data from the sensors sufficiently protected?

Yes, all the data is safe. We use encrypted connections so that the data cannot be eavesdropped on, altered, or otherwise misused.

Does the municipality have access to data from private sensors in my home?

No. Neither the municipality nor anyone else has access to data from citizens' private sensors. The same is true the other way around. The citizen does not see the data from the municipal sensors, unless the municipality makes it available to him, for example on the municipal dashboard.

What other services can be developed through Sencito?

You can easily expand our solution with other smart services - for example, a smart car park that remotely displays current vacancies, touch office boards or smart camera systems.

Sencito web interface

Who has access to the Sencito web interface?

The administrators of the municipality as well as the citizens of the given municipality have access.

Where can I find the access address?

For administrators, For citizens.

Do you have any other questions? Write to us.